That gap

I clicked on the page

she held out to me

as if I were a pigeon

pecking seeds from her

cupped palm –




here –


I was searching for

the scientific term

for that gap between

rocks that elbow


bones into the sky

and cannot be crossed

without rope –


caving is a whole different story,

a whole different story.


The author had spent

11 years getting the terminology



11 years!


to press


on a plain text site

with not one

picture to help

me imagine –


an infant goes from the womb

to high school in 11 years,


a Perch from spawn

to death unless

it happens

upon a net,






A lot happens.

A lot.


On this day,

for example,


arrived in New York

looking for a fresh adventure

her 350 pieces

in 200 cases,


a gift from the same France

that Britain was defeating


many years before that –


one wo/man’s enemy, etc.


Meanwhile a Senator took

a deep dive into profiteering,

the war was in full swing,

Bing Crosby and the Ken Darby singers


‘Sunday, Monday or Always’,

and Al Dexter and his Troopers

took a ‘Pistol Packin’ Mama’ to number one

when Truman found a secret, so secret that someone

had to call and ask him

politely, probably even


to divert his attention and he said:

hey okay, I’ll look away, and


what would Trump have done,

I wonder?



a deep,

narrow, near vertical slot with almost parallel sides

in a rocky outcrop

caused by solution

along a joint,


a fissure –


in a remote desert


40,000 feet high

hovering as

Earheart crossed the Atlantic


on this day,


a little boy fell

from Enola Gay,

levelling five square miles –

and it was only because

the pilots could not see Kokura for the dust

that they went

South –


you know,


I think I’ll be

a raven that lives 69 years,

a talisman against invasion, perched

on the Tower of London and

looking out at France –


Dionne Lew

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